Antique Rug Cleaning & Restoration

Antique Rugs Need The Most Special Care


If you own an antique rug, our guess is that you love it dearly. Whether you bought it as a valuable investment, it is an heirloom or it was given to you as a special gift, you want it to stay in optimum shape. Whether it’s a Chinese, Persian, Turkish or Afghan piece, it’s going to need special care from someone who knows their business.


That’s where we come in. When you hire us to clean and repair your antique rug, you’re not taking any risks because we have years of experience in the business and know exactly what steps need to be taken to return your rug to you in great shape. Whether it’s a small or large job, we’ll give you the best service possible, using our state-of-the art machinery and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. All for your peace of mind.


Tried And Tested Cleaning That Never Fails


After we’ve brought your antique rug to our facility, it will go through a special process, with the following steps included.


  • Inspection – we will carefully inspect it, noting its condition, any nasty stains it already has and documenting special treatment we think it might need.
  • Dusting – we shake loose all the dirt and dirt stuck deep down inside of the fibers, with a deep dusting, Dust particles and allergens won’t survive this stage either!
  • Cleaning – depending on the condition of your antique/area rug, we will either use a dry cleaning or deep immersion technique. If we dry clean your piece, we will use only eco-friendly products, rinse it with a small amount of water then pat it down with soft towels. If it needs deep immersion, it will be placed in a shallow pool of water and washed gently with the same green products.
  • Whatever method we use, pet odours, stains, grime and dirt will be eliminated. And all work is carried out by hand.
  • Drying – we then place your rug in a climate controlled room, which is humidity free. This lets the moisture left disappear fast and stops mold and mildew developing. .
  • Finishing Touches – we’ll straighten the fringe and make it look tip-top!


100% Guarantee On Every Job


Every job we undertake comes with a 100% guarantee promise, because we understand that customer satisfaction is paramount. We also offer a free pick-up and return delivery service, giving you more time to do the things you like to do, rather than get stuck in traffic!


Call us today for a free quote and to learn about our services at: (646) 766-9747


Rug Repair You Can Trust


We also offer a comprehensive anique and area rug repair service. We can deal with color fading, binding, fixing holes or repairing a fringe. These small repairs can make all the difference to your rug and when you employ us, you can be guaranteed a professional and experienced job.


As an extra, whenever we repair your antique or area rug, we will clean it first. That means it will be returned to you clean and fresh smelling, as well as repaired!

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